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I overheard a conversation on the weekend regarding vehicle size versus family size.

The person in question was explaining that the vehicle he was considering purchasing had to accommodate two adults and three children. I can empathize with this, as my family is the same — a 2/3.  

I came from a 2/2 and my partner came from a 2/3 with half-siblings as well. My parents were 2/3 and 2/5 ...  Family sizes change all the time, and there are no guidelines or protocols in place in Canada to dictate this.    

It's amusing now though, as blended families and stepparents can change this as well, so a 3/2 or a 4/3 is common too.    

There is no magic number.  And there shouldn't be.  I have had comments about my decision to have three children "Wow, you must be really busy." And I have heard comments about others who are 2/0 "Why don't they have kids yet?"  

I find both of these types of comments rude.  Yes, I am busy — but my own type of busy — it's not an all-encompassing position when you're a mom of three.  

I would love to respond to these comments with "Wow, you must be lazy — only having one!"  

I've never voiced it aloud until now, and I would be ashamed of my behaviour if I ever verbally responded like that, but you get the idea.  

As well, the 1/1's seem to get the same types of comments.  Or the 2/8's.  (And yes, I know of a 2/8 family - truly good and selfless people).  

Why others presume to understand someone's choice of family size is ridiculous.   And the 2/0's shouldn't be ostracized for that. It may be by necessity, choice or fate that some stay childless.  

And even that is a presuming word in itself. A better word may not exist in English for that state, but it should.  

I would presume that 2/0's have a much stronger bond, more independence to persue other activities and many more "date nights" than parenting couples.  

The world seems to aim towards a 2/2 setup for everything though ... Bunk beds aren't built as tri-beds. The middle seat in back seats isn't nearly as comfortable when there is someone on either side. All-inclusive trips are usually based on four people.

I don't mind though.  We adjust well, and I like to think of our family as one person more special than most.  

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