Cold It Up!

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This week I will be doing something completely different. I'm just kidding, really, but I do have my top five random-nocity (great word!)  


"Cold It Up!" Sitting with a friend on a hot, muggy summer day. Sweaty clothes sticking to your skin. Sun so bright it hurts to open your eyes. You reach for your drink, and realize the temperature had dropped dramatically. That just-before-lukewarm kind of temperature. That gonna-swallow-but-don't-really-want-to. That icky flavour that just wasn't quite as refreshing as 10 minutes ago. So the phrase was born. Not "let's throw these in the fridge" or "maybe if we add some ice it'll taste better." This is middle of the summer heat wave, ice cream melting, pavement burns bare feet, no AC and not a breeze for miles kind of action. "Cold it up for me, this just isn't working!"  


"Neanderthal? That's a real word, I thought it was just an insult." I love it, just made me get the giggles. I'll leave this as an anonymous quote, but she knows who she is.  Talking about Darwin (and I've got more to say about him next time), we segued into the Erectus version of human animals, and had another giggle at that, and then into the "monkey climbs out of tree and walks upright" story.  Whether you believe in creationism or evolution, the whole process is still fascinating. The subcutaneous layer of fat under our skin, and the way our body hair is streamlined for easier swimming would suggest we went from tree to water ... I find it all amazing. And yes my dear, there was a Neanderthal.  


Garcia. I have an editor with an impressive collection. Not just a dusty shelf, forget they are there kind, either. This is a proud, show me off and share me with the world type of collection. It's quite the accomplishment to behold, as it is organized by colour gradations and efficient to the point of some Stewart-esque obsession (no offense intended here, as I would aspire to be her, were it not for real life getting in my way).   I have neither the talent at selection, nor the patience to organize a collection that large, and would probably relegate it to some rubbermaid tote on a basement shelf to be dealt with later (read -- never). Absolutely, it has become my favourite of all abstract art as well, not necessary to peruse an art gallery, but to wait for the next gorgeous use of colour and technique to walk by. If you ever run across a well-dressed editor, be sure to inquire about it.    


Nuclear recycling. I can't say I'm exactly knowledgeable or informed about this, but what a concept.  To know that lying beneath our feet are millions of tonnes of uranium.  To know that we have the education and capability and equipment to harvest this in our province.  To have multi-billion dollar assets in this meek little province.  And that this material, once used, can be recycled for more?!  Wow.  It makes me feel secure in knowing that this province will be a profitable and growing force to be reckoned with.  Especially with the companies we have in this province, doing so much to not only ensure their bottom line, but the prosperity and work opportunities as well.  Regardless of anyone's stance on nuclear power, it is great to know that the economy will sustain many generations further on.  


"Hardly Chilly".  To some people this would imply barely cold, nice calm temperature, good weather.  To a bred (but not born) Prince Albertan, an entirely different meaning altogether.  Rather hard to define, and goes something like:  self-absorbed confidence to the point of being exaggeratedly egotistic, but this usually refers to an action just taken by said person.  Maybe.  But, on a teen/twenties version.  A forty year old would have a hard time being "hardly chilly".  And what a bizarre use of temperature to refer to attitude about oneself. I ran across an infographic this week that describes emotions for which there are no equivalents in English, and was pondering these when a co-worker used the phrase "hardly chilly." Immediately I thought of how ridiculous and complicated our language is, and had a pang of sympathy for those trying to learn it as adults.  It must be exhausting to try to understand our metaphors, slang and cliche sayings.    


And yes, I have heard of Darwin. I have a massive rant on that topic by itself, but it will have to wait for another day. In the meantime, if you have heard any ridiculous English phrases, please share - and share the meaning as well!  

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