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I had a moment today at work that made me realize how much I love my job.  It came to me, hidden in amongst my other detritus, while visiting with a client and talking about an ad campaign he is currently running.  

His is a whole new design and a campaign that eases the (sometimes painful) process of creating ads that work for the customer and the potential buyer.  It catches the eye quickly because it is not something we've done before, and it keeps you looking because you don't get "lost" as much in the clutter that sometimes swallows up the bigger ads.

It's a campaign that reaches across three media platforms -- print on paper, banner on our classic website, and branding in mobile devices -- with no additional work than building one ad by itself. And there is nobody else in town that can reach Prince Albert readers with a voice as strong as ours.

It's a really phenomenal deal. And I have not said that about too many products. Some products are our staples -- our meat and potatoes, some are the dessert ... This is like a five course Executive Chef meal, served in fine china and wrapped in a silk bow.  (sigh)  

But, when all is said and done and the decision is made, I have a challenge.  Even when I am personally hoping he takes this campaign and runs with it, I am also preparing myself that maybe he won't. Maybe I will have to create something better, sharper,  catchier or classical, smoother or crisper, larger or softer ...  Maybe I will have to dig deeper and ask more questions, to find out what was "wrong with the fit" or what didn't work well,... Or just maybe the answer will be yes, and I will be on to the next challenge, at the start of the race again.

Strangely ... this adrenalin is the rush that makes me love doing this, the art behind the ads, the planning and preparing ideas, the "how can I do this better for him", that keeps me awake at nights. 

I couldn't take every no to heart. I couldn't take a business decision as a personal insult, that would drive me crazy in no time. But I can use every ad build and every experience to make the next one better.  


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