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To all the business owners in Prince Albert and northern Saskatchewan, I am writing this for you.  Not to pressure or coerce anyone  into advertising, because that just never turns out well for anyone, but to give you more information and more options.

I would like to tell you about a few things I have come across recently that you may not be aware of. I am currently learning about all the digital products and opportunities offered at the Daily Herald, and have been going through training to provide these to clients. But not every product fits every need, so we have become extremely flexible in what we offer. Our online banners (leader boards) are a great way to increase your visibility, but don't forget the mobile banners. It needs to be brought up, that when you are accessing our website on a mobile device, that the online advertisements cannot transform into another format. These are two separate and completely different formats.


We are now have over 45,000 ad placements available on our mobile site each month alone,  which is a huge audience to be neglecting. Your mobile banners should lead directly to a mobile-friendly website, and for some businesses the cost of adapting to new technology can be daunting, but this should be in your plans for the very near future. Many e-marketing surveys have now determined that mobile shopping and mobile device traffic will surpass the standard classic website very soon.  Don't fret, we can help you with this -- we can guide your ads to a custom page, designed for mobile devices specifically. That being said, do not jump off that cliff and abandon classic web ads.  

The most recent report I generated on our analytics tells me we serve over 150,000 views a month on our website, so the audience is there, just waiting to see the RIGHT type of ad.  There is huge value in online advertising, but only when it is done well, and can be done consistently.

Spending $500 a week on a web ad may be great for visibility in the short term, but how feasible is that budget when calculated over the course of a month, quarter or year? Consistent advertising online must be affordable over the long term for it to be successful. 

Are you bored with the "same old" web ads? Of course. Do you want to see your newest model vehicle rev up, zoom in to a dashboard view of the RPM's and spin a donut off the edge if the web page, leaving behind a trail of dust circling your logo, name and location? Of course you do. Do you want to take your potential clients on a virtual tour through your jewelry store, with close ups of the clear cut facets of a custom designed engagement ring, bride-to-be holding hands with her future husband? Of course you do.

We can do this, with full page zooms of small details and "more info" mouse overs!  We can create a specific coupon, generated through your web ad so that your customers can just bring their phone with them for instant savings, or create a new coupon for each day if the week.  

I want to see our clients using these tools, to create new interest and new forms of art. This is a truly new form of getting your message out - getting your product known. Business owners, beware though!  Advertising should work for you and with you, it should not worry you or break your budget.  

And yes, we work well with budgets, and will not set you up with more than you feel comfortable with.  An entire campaign can be based on what you tell us you want to spend, not how much you are told it will cost you. We are YOUR advertising representatives. It's a mouthful, but it is literal.  

I represent your business, I  work on your behalf, I create designs and campaigns for you. If only you could see what I see.  I believe most business owners started with a passion, to grow their bottom line. That bottom line is truly the only one that counts when you are looking at your future.  

To be able to confidently sit back and know that your profit will outweigh your loss each month on your reports, because you are considering your future as a business, not just this week's new ad. This is my passion, creating profitable, affordable, artistic, realistic advertising so I am there to ask, to consult and to create.  

There are no silly questions, and there are no unimportant customers. 

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