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Do I really have to get up? 5:45? I guess so. Just stagger to the coffee pot. And what happened to the coffee filters? Check the cupboards, counter, starting to wonder. Really need to organize that coffee cupboard, too much in there.  Should throw out that old tea, that can't be any good anymore. And a dried-up bag of raisins, wipe this shelf down while I'm here anyways. Oh hey, here are the filters. Make coffee, good.  

Get ready, OK -- are the kids awake? It's 6:15! What happened, okay, hurry up, oatmeal is in microwave, girls get into school clothes, and lunches. Lunches, whoops, should have done that last night.  Lunch kits need to be washed -- mental note, add to laundry tonight. Well, lunch is easy, sandwiches. Nope, no tuna - no cold cuts, can't do peanut butter.  Okay no sandwiches. Salami, cut little chunks and some cheese. Oh, this is havarti -- kids might not like that, oh well they can try it anyways.  Juice boxes, where's a fruit? No fruit, yellow peppers it is.

6:45 -- not bad, kids are fed.  Really need to pick up more oatmeal, mental note. And raisins, oh wait -- just threw out some.  No reason for raisins.  Kids get dressed, awesome, nice outfits girls.  Do we have any socks that match?  Oh wait, found some. Tuck your pant legs in to your socks, we need ski pants today, it's cold!  Oh -- should I warm up the car? Too early. OK, we're getting there.


7:15 -- do we have any notes for school?  Check the school calendar, nope -- oh wait -- you don't need a lunch today, it's pizza party.  That's OK, I'll take yours for a snack.  Check the phone calendar, oh -- meeting at nine, gotta make sure to remember that.  OK, clean up breakfast dishes, girls -- get into your outside clothes, where are your mitts?  Check the entry closet, nope.  Think, think - last place we had them was the car. Oh!  I need to go warm up the car, okay and I'll get your mitts. Car keys? On the counter, under the coffee filters.  Smart place to put the coffee filters. Put those away.


7:45 -- did I get ready, whoops -- OK need to do that, girls are your lunches packed? Grab your lunches, wait why is there only one? Right, pizza party. Run out to the car, start the car, what else did I come out here for?  Really need to clean the car, blankets and socks in here, old sippy cups and juice boxes, toques and mitts, oh! -- the mitts. Grab those, run back in. Whoops - need to pack a diaper bag, where's that enormous  box of diapers, strange?  It's not like it disappears. Found it, alright -- here we go -- mental note -- take enormous box of diapers to the girls' closet.

8:05! -- Run, to the door girls, boots on, lunches with you? Agendas? Backpacks? Purse -- check, cell -- check, car keys?? Seriously, how did the car keys disappear?  Oh wait, in the car.  Why is there a lunch on the front seat, oh -- the extra one, of course.  Did we forget anything, anyone?  Nope!  Success, we're gone and off to the races.  Tim's stop, babysitter and Grammas then finally ...

Peace.  Quiet.  Calm. Compose, collect, smooth. Focus and breathe. Let the day begin.

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