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I had an amazing day at work recently. One of those days where time flies by, things are checked off the to-do list and ultimately I managed to create a visually show stopping advertisement. The rest of the day, as productive and hectic as it was — it just paled and faded away.

This one ad, given free rein to do whatever I needed as long as it conveyed the message, it just made my week. Maybe even my month.  

I have a habit (work related), maybe even an obsession ... of subscribing to websites that give out awards for print advertising. I surf these, save some, revisit them time and again - because as I see things being done so creatively and new concepts being used, the little wheels up top start to spin.  An image makes me think of a new concept for a client, and suddenly you just want to redo their entire plan.

There are days when I want to go to my clients and just tell them that they need something new, but that's hard to do. There are even days when I want to tell them to stop what they're currently doing and re-imagine themselves, but I can't. All I can do is suggest ideas, show them what's available and hope they are thinking long term and creatively.

But I can create these show-stoppers occasionally. When the client is trusting and open to new ideas, it's SO much fun. Nothing to be taken lightly though, because if that client puts their trust in you, you cannot disappoint. You create a relationship based in what you can do for them, and if you can't deliver, you might as well stick your head in the sand and hide ...

I'm extremely lucky to have an energetic, capable and creative team working with me. They can take a series of doodles and scrawls with random notes thrown in and bring it to life.  They can take an adjective and turn it into an image. They work together and cooperate on every level, from co-ordinating to graphics to desking, to put together something that makes you smile and take a second look. And they deserve a huge thank you for all the effort they put in every day, but especially this past Friday.

If I could speak to each and every entrepreneur and business owner I would tell them to take into consideration their long-term goals when advertising, so that their brand and image are used consistently and are coordinated on all levels of media, be it print, web, radio, television, flyers, banners, bus benches, and everything else in between. There are so many media outlets and advertising opportunities, that yes! it is difficult to balance your attention and budget, but ALWAYS keep your message the same.  


Choose your words carefully because these will be around whether or not you are, and decide long ahead what type of customer you want to attract, because one advertisement will not work for everyone.  


It is certainly an art.  It is also a minor obsession.  It is such a great feeling to love what you do, and to want to do more of it.

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