Be Stronger than Your Obstacles

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There always comes a time when you need to bear down, be strong and stay the course.  To see the far off end result, no matter what the short term effects may be.  To be able to survive through the battles and struggles to get to the other side, the end of the rainbow.

So many people struggle for a short while and give in, give up and admit defeat.  We need to learn perserverence. We live in a "now" society, where everyone focuses on the instant result and immediate rewards. We need to think long term and see further ahead, not to give in when the "going gets tough."

I'm a very lucky person to have a partner that understands long-term benefits, and though we are in a struggle and sometimes have to wage a war against all the obstacles thrown at us, we know the end result will be worth all the anguish. I feel sad for those that have to go through those struggles alone. It's a deep dark emotion that can wash over you when you are in a troubled spot on your own.

I am also very lucky that I have people around me to offer assistance, mental support and a an ear to vent to. I vent a lot, and have to send out a huge thank-you and super big hugs to two amazing women who work in my office with me and quietly absorb all my venting and offer advice. They know exactly what to say, when to lighten the mood, and they are far more wise than they realize!

A struggle can bring you closer to someone or tear you apart. It can seep into a relationship, drip by drip and erode the very basic friendship underneath. It can wash away all the happy memories and replace them with huge waves of resentment. It takes a strong person to push aside that wave and remember that your partner in that relationship should be there with you, struggles or smiles, no matter which and more importantly, that you need to be there for them!

To anyone out there going through a spot of trouble, try to look ahead. Try to visualize yourself further down that road, where the path is clear and sunny. To see yourself at the end of the rainbow. Try to be ready for when that good day comes again, because you need to be ready to enjoy it when the trouble disappears, or the struggle to get there will have taught you nothing.

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