Tales from a Ten Year Old

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I have a guest writer today with me, to tell you about an amazing organization here in Prince Albert. There are so many great people who spend countless hours volunteering for the sake of children that it would be impossible to thank them all! 

Here are some excerpts from the tales of Girl Guides:

(On their recent bird banding excursion)

"We went owl banding. We had to go check the nets every half hour!  We caught lots of owls including a Grey Horned Owl.  My two were named Cotton Candy and Houdini. We let go of two owls in the house ... Oops!"


(On camp weekends)

"We go camping twice a year, in the fall and in the summer. Last weekend we were supposed to go to Heritage Lake but the weather made the roads really bad. That was going to be my first time to Heritage. I wanted to go so bad. Since we had missed Heritage we went to our regular meeting place and had a sleepover.  Thank you Faye!"


(About her leaders)

"My three leaders are named Melanie, April and Sharlene. All of them are very nice.  They are the ones who organize everything for us. They are super awesome. April does crafts, Melanie does paperwork, Sharlene does pretty much everything.  Thanks!"

I remember being a Brownie and then a Girl Guide and how many friends I made, crafts and games we learned, songs and actions practised so we could do them the best possible at the rally's. 

We are so lucky that we have groups and organizations like this, or like 4-H or youth art programs. That being said, I don't believe any child needs to be co-ordinated and activity-fied every moment of every day. They should be allowed to try new things until they find one that fits with them and their personality. 

Huge thank you and thumbs up to the great leaders we have running the local Girl Guides! And Thank You to my guest writer, Kristin, for her help tonight.


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