Power Walkers - A Film by Rob Kapustinsky

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I would like to share with you an introduction to someone I've just recently met. He impressed me with his dedication, ambition and his attitude towards living every day.  Rob Kapustinsky is a 23 year old who describes himself as: "I'm about contribution to an emerging world based on cooperation, rather than competition." Very strong words. I have no doubt that he will eventually find his way to his goals, as he travels his path through life.

I asked him to send me a little information which I could share with you, to help him further his current project and to introduce himself a little. He is creating a music video entitled Power Walkers, set to a track by Richard Vission, "I Like That".  He is currently recruiting volunteers to become power walkers for the day, on Sunday Oct. 28.  Mark it in your calendar and contact Rob through Twitter or Facebook to sign up.  Whenever we can help a local person with their goals, at no cost to ourselves, it should be a given.

Rob shared with me a bit of his life story, and shared with me some of the rough times that he's gone through to become who he is. He was smart enough to seek advice from his grandmother and credits his mother with letting him make some very important decisions on his own. She brought him and his brother to Prince Albert at the age of seven, and he has been firmly a part of our community since then. 

"Like a sponge, I took in everything ...  I am very blessed to have had this door opened for me at such a young age" — he refers to helping out at Fresh Air Experience after school hours at the age of eight. 

"Spending nights alone chillen' behind the Sydney Opera House, I would ask myself, what's my next move?"  He backpacked through Australia for three months, exploring the country and expanding his vision.

"I discovered more truths about life ..." -after returning to Canada and going through what he refers to as an Ultimate Low, which changed him and started him on a fresh path.

It's always a great day when someone can reach their goal, complete their dream.  He's working on one of his right now — and I will leave you with three things he shared with me:

Give your best to everyone at every time.

Trust the process of life.

Watch the beauty of life unfold.

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