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I don't subscribe to cable television. I said it, I've admitted. I don't know what the social ramifications are nor what judgement shall be bestowed upon me (sigh!) but what a load off my shoulders!  

Truth be told, we never got around to it. We moved to a rural area and after the complications of phone and alarm and (GASP) a post office box, we just didn't ever get to it. We had a fair bit of withdrawal as we lost some favourite shows and adjusted to some new ones. We have "rabbit ears" and for those of you who don't know what these are, it's a large V-shaped antenna that sits on top of  your television or any other high ground and receives FREE broadcast signals from the air and transfers them to the input on your television. Amazing in theory.

Two of my three kids have no concept of cable television. They know we can watch cartoons anytime they want to on disc. They know the news is on at six, so mom and dad get the TV. My oldest misses cable a bit, mentions shows that her friends are watching and talking about, and will occasionally ask if she can YouTube something to watch. If I thought they were missing out on something I might worry, but so far I haven't had a reason to.

We lost 50 per cent of our channels about three months ago.  This makes me laugh, as we only had two to begin with. CBC and CTV. Now it's only CTV and I imagine eventually that will disappear one day too. CBC had great children's programming on weekend mornings, so we were a little sad about that, but recovered quickly when we discovered Dora Mermaid DVD. We never did find out what happened, it just joined the rotary phone in non-existence, I guess.

Hats off to CTV though. Their program lineup is pretty consistent so you know what to expect and they throw in some surprises as well. They've subscribed to great shows. Dancing, doctors, singing, fairy tales, some more singing, author/detectives and some roommate nerds (bazinga) that make me snort and laugh. Coming from an advertising point of view I see some really well made commercials for local businesses as well. Audio is crisp and clear, images and graphics flow smoothly. Very nice to be able to see local people from time to time, showcasing themselves.

We've priced out different providers for cable, and contemplated which packages we would subscribe to, but we've never really set a date for anything. We have a movie collection that we watch and rewatch (and if it's a good old-fashioned zombie movie I've got it memorized) so we always have the option of not watching The Channel.  

We've spent quite a few No-TV days together, and it's not a shock. We've spent full days outdoors without worrying about missing "our show." We've probably saved $1,200 in the past two years, assuming cable is $50 a month ... Although that's probably a small estimate, as I don't remember what our bills were. We've spent games nights and Kinect nights together and have never even turned on the "rabbit ears."

There's my admission for tonight, so don't shun me because I haven't watched the most recent show that is being absorbed and talked about by everyone I know. But you could put in a good word to CBC and see if they'll send the signal out again ...

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