Beautiful Things - Two

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Here are some more beautiful things I've noticed lately, to hopefully put a smile on your face. Lately I've been pretty serious and sober with my topics, so it's time for me to lighten up a little.

A beautiful thing is to watch a child learn the concept of love. They know the feeling, have heard the phrase, have maybe talked about it, but to hear it from a child just starting to understand it is beautiful. My three year old is just starting to get it, not the whole concept, but enough to share her feelings with everyone in earshot. So far this week she loves eyeballs because they're round, rain because she can wear boots and her sister because she's tiny. She is not at all shy about this, and tells teachers, babysitters, friends and even cashiers at grocery stores that she loves them.

I see fog most mornings along the grid road, around the bottoms of the tree banks, pooled in the little valleys and dips and curled around the cattails in the sloughs.  This is an amazing thing, especially in the eyes of a child. She tells me the clouds are "growing up — they're bigger and bigger" when she sees these. What a beautiful idea, to imagine the clouds growing up from the ground and rising to the sky when they're big enough.

My oldest girl was watching the moon tonight, the little orange sliver of a crescent.  She then amazed me with her knowledge of how the moon "doesn't really shrink, mom, it's just the shadow of the earth." She absorbs information like a sponge, devouring books and magazines, and storing away all these little tidbits to wow me with.  I find myself occasionally talking to her as I would an adult, and have to shake my head and remind myself she's only 10. A precocious, confident, intelligent 10 year old, but still a child trying to show me her new things, prove her knowledge and making me proud to be her mom. 

Watching even a wee child proves interesting and amazing. My littlest one is discovering climbing, balance and agility. Not quite so accomplished at these to let me be anywhere but within arms reach. Amazing to see the pride and wonder on her face when she climbs up on a toy, or balances in the little rocking chair. Pretty funny to see the little wheels turn when she gets stuck in a laundry basket and has to go through all the options to figure out the movements required to get out of it. Some would call me mean for leaving her in there, but she doesn't get upset, just contemplates her next move.

Growth is amazing — whether it's a pumpkin seed growing into this magnificent vine, twined all around the other plants — or a child going through the next level of development.  We should never take for granted these amazing little moments.

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