Either, Neither, Nor!

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Things that drive me nuts, just a little list. 

People who use the phrase “for all intents and purposes”, unless they actually use it correctly. This means for all uses and intended uses, for all practical reason.  This is not “for all intensive purposes”, or any other variation …

People who don’t signal lane changes. Really? There is a little stick on the side of most steering wheels, maybe even all of them, that can do this for you. It doesn’t require hand gestures — we have upgraded now to automatic signals. Please use them.

Driving enormous rigged-up trucks through a tiny little drive-thru lane. Are you living in the Klondike? There are places where this type of vehicle is appropriate and necessary, but I don’t think smooth paved roads and skinny little lanes are the place …

Overuse of smiley faces and emoticons in emails. If you can craft a sentence clearly, the use of emotions is unneccesary, as your information should be understood.

Vehicles blocking intersections. If you walk up to a door, and can’t open it to go through will you stand directly in front of the door so others can’t come out?  This makes just about as much sense. Please, look ahead of you to see if your vehicle will actually fit where it is going.

Parents teaching “Do as I say, not as I do”. We are not programmed to learn this way.  We are mimics, we copycat, we “ape” behaviours we see.  If you’re going to smoke and drink and swear in front of your children, don’t expect any different behaviour from them.

Voice mail, cel messages, skype calls, texts for personal emergencies. These are tools for communication, these are not the correct way to relay important or personal information. Talk to me face to face when it’s important … personal issues should be delivered personally.

Pointing out other’s faults in public. If someone has a bad habit or their behaviour is inappropriate, let them know in private.  Don’t embarrass them in front of others, this is rude. Unless of course — if their "fly" is down, let them know immediately under ANY circumstances, but you can still whisper!

Either, Neither, Nor! The easy version is this … if you are speaking in the positive, it’s either one or the other. If you are speaking in the negative, then use neither/nor.  She does not have the talent nor the ability. She neither cares for that, nor wants any part of it. 

Anyways, that’s my rant for the day.  If anyone cares to share theirs, feel free! I’m sure there will be more in the weeks to come.

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