I Am Grateful

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I'm thankful for some little things today, that may not seem so little to others. We are so lucky everyday and we should be so grateful.


I am grateful my children go to school. A school that is open to the public -- not hidden in amongst a rubble of ramshackle houses, in the hopes nobody will find out it is there.  My children can openly be walked to school -- not snuck in under the cover of night so that they are not persecuted. My children make crafts at school with paper, tape, scissors, markers and playdoh ... others in the world make do with a slate and a piece of chalk. They are able to go outside at recess and play on a jungle gym purchased with money from various fundraisers instead of hiding inside the concrete walls, hoping a stray bullet or shell won't pierce the wall of the building.


I am grateful for quick and easy porkchop and Kraft dinner meals. I cook on a stovetop powered by electricity that I pay for -- not a clay firepit with wood gathered throughout the day by the children who could be in school. I use spices purchased at a dollar store -- for the same price that might have to be stretched to feed an entire family.  I mix my KD with homogenized milk to make it taste better -- this same amount of milk might keep an infant happy for a day. I sit around the table with my family to eat -- instead of missing family members who are unjustly incarcerated or imprisoned for their beliefs.


I am grateful that my children have to get immunization needles and medication and go to dental appointments, for so many have no choice but to do without.


I am grateful I can walk into a store and for a reasonable amount of money can feed my family for a month, for so many do not know when their next meal will be.


I am grateful I can go to work in the morning and be productive in society, as so many have no options available for work or are put to work for slave wages.


I am grateful that I have to clean my house as it means I have a secure, safe home for my children to enjoy themselves in, and so many have never slept in their own bed or room or house.


Sorry for being so serious on such a day, but poor is relative -- so if you think you have nothing to be thankful for today because you don't have a million dollar house or a hot tub in the backyard -- think again and Be Thankful.  

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