Migration Problems

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I have a migration problem in my house - at least that's the nice word for it. Each little thing has a specific home, but little herds tend to migrate into other areas. I haven't yet found a successful deterrent for this behaviour so I've been making observations in case you have this same migration problem.

Hair elastics and brushes climb out of the bathroom drawer and make a small nest beside my living room lamp, watching silently as the people go by — until they find one of the small people to leap onto, attacking knots and tangles and organizing chaotic bedhead. The elastics attack in groups, usually pinks and purples together, with the green and yellow getting left behind with the brushes. I understand why the lamp attracts them,  as they're usually very successful with this location — many small people hover by this lamp.

My silverware makes small treks across the house ... Must not have the stamina to travel long distances, as they make short rest stops on their travels. Spoons travel to the top of the fridge, rest for awhile in the coffee canister, travel to the sugar bowl and rest beside the porcelain cow that protects the cream, then circle back to the sink before the next trip.  The spoons are the most adventurous it seems, as they travel far more territory than the rest of the silverware clan.

Children's clothes tend to travel in packs, whole outfits sneak by me when I'm not looking. They move several feet at a time, silently and slowly. Sadly though, the herd loses the occasional member, like the weak and sick get left behind. A tiny pink striped sock curled under the leg of the couch, abandoned by the herd. A purple mitt hiding behind the shoes at the door, while the rest return to the corral in the closet. The whole pack moves on without never knowing they've lost a member.

And then there are the nocturnal creatures that join other members of mixed types, a blending pot of species. They must only be active in the night, I'm sure of it, as you never see them move. You just wake up in the morning and there is this cluster curled up on the end of a counter, motionless in the daylight. Keys, tooth floss, lip balms, pennies,  broken toys, zipties, garage door openers curled up together, protecting each other in a little huddle. It's a wonder they don't build a little cave in the middle of the night to take up residence in, but occasionally they get relocated to the junk drawer to join the others.

I don't think the migrations are an issue, as most tend to stay on the same route, easily located if need be. My mom might call it messy somedays, but I prefer to think of it as Mother Nature staking her claim on my habitat.

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  • jo-jo
    October 05, 2012 - 11:00

    LOVE THIS! finally an explination to the questions i keep asking myself! and the socks... always the socks... every dusty, secluded hiding place they can find! i dont know how we even still own socks (there are deffinately NO matching pairs anymore!)... ah the socks...