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I had a blog all ready to go, but something happened that completely distracted me and got me thinking about food.  Actually, I was very hungry and grocery shopping, so not too surprising. 

Lately I have been ultra conscious of my food choices. Due in part to the recent recalls on meat, which are certainly cause for concern, but also because I have had my own long-standing theory about the link between genetically altered foods and hormone development in children. Of course, there are probably many scientists sitting around at this very moment — some proving that same theory, some arguing against it.

Years ago, you wouldn't see hormone development in children any younger than 16, but slowly it seems to be getting younger and younger. That's a scary thought to me, mostly because I'm thinking of the other end of the stick. If children's development is starting earlier than ever before, would that not mean the end of life developments would also start earlier?  Early onset Alzheimer's for example or age-related macular degeneration ...

Should we be considering a shortened lifespan when purchasing goods that have been treated with growth hormones? Should we be making a natural-food movement for our children an granddchildren's sake? There have always been fans (and fanatics) of natural, organic, free range, market fresh, etc but I am thinking that as years go by, we may be shortening our future by not following this trend now.

I have made my children's baby food from scratch — not because I am some type of supermom, mostly because I am astonished at the price of a minuscule jar of puréed stew. My girls had a wide assortment of foods, made at home and for pennies when compared to storebought. I am now silently patting myself on back because of what I see. Thank goodness I am a cheapskate, so my children had garden vegetables, steamed and puréed instead of food from an unknown source, farmed for the cheapest labour possible and given immeasurable quantities of fertilizer or stimulants. Now I'm ranting, but you get the idea.

This meat recall really kicked off an awareness campaign, and tonight I had a short conversation with a manager of a local grocery.  He explained thoroughly where their meat came from, the difference between the companies used, the slight misunderstanding people are having with the brands involved. He spoke with great detail and seemed definitely concerned. He had obviously spent some time researching and learning, so as to be able to teach his customers.

I was extremely impressed and felt that this made his customer service not just great but exceptional. In a town where (in)adaquate customer service is the norm, this really stands out. Thank you, Christopher on 28th Street, for knowing enough to help those of us who don't.

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