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What an amazing day at Tapestrama!  So many people spend so many hours preparing and planning and volunteering and organizing ... I would never remember all of them, but fortunately I don't have to, they know who they are. 


All I have to remember is how my oldest daughter became fast friends with a teenage girl from Japan. She is very new to Canada and very new to English but this did not hold them back from hanging out together, making crafts, playing games. How beautiful is it that even with that type of language barrier they still got along like they'd known each other for years, with her teaching my daughter Origami and French-braiding her hair.


I will remember how my three-year-old sat at a table colouring intently side-by-side with another three-year-old, with Iranian ancestry. Her grandfather spoke to me later on in the evening with a glint in his eye, so proud of this wee girl who already speaks English and Farshi, who is now learning French. The two girls held hands and played with balloons and danced and trotted all around the Rawlinson like it was their personal playground. When my daughter went to Grammas for a short nap, this beautiful little girl was quite concerned that she was missing. Such care and concern for another at such a young age!


I will remember all the kind comments about my youngest daughter, playing contentedly in her stroller. She was a trooper today, determined not to sleep, not to miss a single moment. She tasted Samosas for her first time and gobbled them down hungrily. She danced with me to the music of All Mighty Voice and clapped enthusiastically after the featured speakers. Such a social butterfly and not quite yet one-year-old. So many people made so many beautiful remarks, I only wish I will remember to tell her the same when she is older.


I will remember my father, in full Scot regalia from his Glengarry to his Hose. He has a great interest in his roots, and call tell you stories about the ancestral MacFarlanes for hours.  My girls were quite excited to see "Papa Bear" wearing his kilt and his enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. He makes me so proud to be his daughter.  


Many of my relatives are from small-town Saskatchewan, and having attended many cousins' weddings that went all night with children underfoot, but eveyone's eyes on them ... It felt very much like one large family. It was a feeling of security, feeling of warmth and just plain fun.  Most small-towners will know what I mean. Good music, great atmosphere and memories to cherish.  


Kudos to all who deserve it, you elevated Tapestrama into a new era.

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  • Alice Zhang
    October 01, 2012 - 01:20

    What a nice article! Thank you for the nice comments.