A Beautiful Thing

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I rediscovered tonight the beauty of the little things. It may have something to do with sitting around with good friends, eating, laughing, playing with children and just a fun night out or it may just be that my eyes were actually visually swallowing everything around me instead of just tasting.

The social-girly-gatherings have never been a huge part of my schedule.  I'm usually far more concerned with getting home to another menial housework task that I've been procrastinating about, but the travel to the girly-gathering had it's own little beauties that caught my eye.

The one little beauty I noticed was the light/power/something tower on the intersection just north of town on Highway 2. Having travelled along there hundreds of times, I just noticed this tower for the first time — slowly twirling with the amber lights.  I'm sure it has a very important, specific purpose that I know nothing about, but silhouetted against a bright clear full-moon lit night it was a little beauty all in itself. Very tall and majestic, it was a powerful physical presence against a dark forest and fleeting clouds glowing in the moonlight.

Another little beauty tonight was an energetic little puppy — trusting, playful and on his way to his new home. It's pretty amazing to think that we human animals are willing to house, feed, entertain, groom, love, mourn and teach these other little animals that have no biological relationship with us.  It's a beautiful thing to watch a family adopt a pet and adopt a lifetime of commitment to their well-being.  

Little beauties are so common they get overlooked and they really deserve more attention. The gorgeous red leaves draped along the fence on Second Avenue, the low-lying fog on the water filled ditches with the cattails peeking along the edges, even the mirror-like shine on the fresh asphalt when the moon hits it and the city lights glowing in the distance like a welcome-home porch light.

Maybe I'm overindulging in sappy thoughts tonight, possibly in response to several hours in a room full of estrogen and "shopping" pheromones but it's a beautiful thing when you can spot a beautiful thing.

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  • Megan
    September 28, 2012 - 11:56

    WOW, thats what you make me say everytime i read your insights. makes me want to read more. your stories are heartwarming and full of life and yet so very true. im not a reader, But...could make your stories a daily read! great job and keep em' commin!!!!