Love the Fall

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Driving home at the end of the day has sure been a blessing these last few weeks. With the changing of the seasons it's almost as if someone has flipped a switch that all of nature is connected to. The trees seem to have all decided, that after the long week-end in September, that they have to go from Summer to Fall. To heck with waiting till the 21st of September. Thats just a date that the weather man choose to  end the summer...nature picks its own date.

Which is just fine with me, cause I love Fall. Not because the leaves start turning colors and are just beautiful but because thats when our lives seem to slow down a little and we can really enjoy life. The stress of the summer...the having to be some where ever week-end or daily chores that pile up because we wanted to go fishng for a day, finally slow down.

 Yes, we need to get ready for Winter, where the stress starts all over but at least it's at a pace that we can tolerate. A pace that allows me to ENJOY cutting the grass once every two weeks, instead of every week-end. A pace that screams....spend more time with the grand kids. A pace that doesn't demand that the garage be cleaned or the flower beds weeded (as much as I enjoy those things :0) But most of all its because I can really see what the Lord has blessed me with....a loving, caring family and a home in the country, to be together.

Fall is THAT time of year...the time to reflect, appreciate and to share and enjoy....because in a month or so, we get to start all over.

Enjoy the season, I know I am.

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