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I would like to thank local farmer, Doug Wilson, for going above and beyond the call of duty. He was very helpful...and gracious this past week end when he took time out of his busy schedule to help my son pull his 4x4 out of the mud.

It all started when I got the call from my son to bring my truck into town to help him pull his Jeep from a mud hole, just north of town. I arrived at the site to discover my poor little 4x4 was not only not going to be able to pull him out but wasn’t even going to be able to get close to him. I had lots of chain and towropes but they weren't even close to the 1/4-mile needed to reach the vehicle.

We called the local tow truck companies to see if they could pull him out, which of course they were only to happy to...for $300. This left us with only one last option...try to find some one close with a tractor to try and help.

This turned out to be one of those life-changing experiences that you hardly prepare yourself for. The first few places we visited were homes on acreages and the homeowners did not own a tractor. Then we came across one that did. We should have known that there was going to be trouble as soon as we saw the dog.

Since my son had got himself stuck, I figured it was only fair that he get out of the truck and knock on the door :0) I am proud to say, that he took it like a man. He conquered his fears and marched right past that demon, even as it nipped at his heels the whole way. Needless to say he was stepping from the frying pan into the fire for as he reached the door it open and a female voiced bellowed "What do you want?"

Sheepishly my son explained his predicament and before he finished she tied into him. Now, he had already admitted to his own stupidity yet she felt the need to described to him the totally lack of consideration that he had for other peoples property (even though it was a public road he was stuck on). I must admit it even surprised me to hear the words "City Slicker" used in such a defiled tone. My son thanked her and raced back to the truck trying not to upset the dog any more then it already was.

This is where the great part comes in....because just down the road was our "Knight in Shining Armor". Mr. Wilson was a little hesitant at first but realized very quickly that if it were he or one of his own family members in the same predicament he would want someone to help them. That is just what he did...he wrapped this humongous rope around the forks on his tractor and drove down to the bog and manhandle that old tractor like it was a part of his own body. He popped that little Jeep right out of the mud hole and dragged it the 1/4 mile back to the main road. 

The most amazing part was he would not take any money...he basically just said, "What goes around, comes around". He did insist that my son come back to his place and clean all the mud off his tractor, which my son was only to happy to oblige.

Later that night as we sat talking, my son told me just how much of an impression Mr. Wilson had made on him. Which is why, I felt it necessary to say "Thanks", your effort to go out of the way, has made us all better people. God bless.

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