3 Canadian food inventions

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By Alyssa Ashton, Canadian Living

Wondering how Canadian treats were developed? Here are three gifts Canada's served up for foodies.



Poutine came to be in 1957, when a man walked into a Warwick, Quebec café and asked for cheese curds with his fries.


Nanaimo Bars

New Yorkers try to claim the Nanaimo Bar as their own, but this delicious treat was created in Nanaimo, BC. No one is sure who developed the Nanaimo bar, but they believe the recipe was created in 1953.


Butter Tarts

Butter tarts date back to the 1600s. French brides married to Quebec settlers were looking for something to fill their tarts with. They ended up mixing together maple syrup, sugar and dried fruit. And the butter tart was born.


Did you know people feel so strongly about their treats there's even been a butter tart war in Canada? Find out more about this feud on canadianliving.com.



Geographic location: Nanaimo, Canada, Quebec Warwick

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